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"Julio and his team were the most amazing people to work with, the way they treated us with so much love and caring for our wedding day was unforgettable. There is no way you could ask for a better person then Julio to capture your special moments. Thank you Julio and your team for your amazing work and dedication to your clients!!!"

Caitlin Michelle - Ontario, Canada

"Great photos, great service and great value! Came to the Bahamas to pop the question to my girlfriend and all went according to plan, especially the part about my, now, fiancee saying YES to being my wife! We are considering a wedding in the Bahamas and if we do this, we will definitely use your services again! Thanks so much!"

Chico Wong - Brooklyn, NY

"Just a note to say thank you so much for helping to make our wedding even more special with your services, you guys were amazing and so patient putting up with me as I was amping out over every little detail, Julio was super available for me before the ceremony ensuring that everything was properly prepared and went without any problems.
The final photos were excellent and I was surprised that you were able to capture so many unexpected moments that will help me to cherish what has been the most important day of my life!"

Jenny Medina - Greensboro, NC

"My husband and I decided to renew our vows and originally we were not even planning to have a photographer but are soooo glad that we decided to have photos taken by Bahamapix. Your team was awesome and they really seemed to care about our vow renewal.
The photographer Julio, in particular, seemed more like a family friend and he was determined, and succeeded, to get many gorgeous shots of me and my husband. After 20 years of marriage, I thought it would have been less of a big deal but I am happy to say that It was an amazing experience and It reminded me why I married Jim in the first place!"

Kathy Mandel - Woodbridge, NJ

"You guys are fantastic! My wife and I got married in the Bahamas and we really wanted to have some spectacular photos showing the beautiful beaches and ocean so that we would always have them to remember our special day.
We were ecstatic with the photos that were taken by the Bahamapix team as well as the sincere interest that they took in giving us exactly what we were hoping for. Now we have photos that make all of our friends jealous and some haven decided to take vacation to the Bahamas because they look so colorful and amazing.
I would like to come back too, and I will, but I will have to wait until we are celebrating a future anniversary."

Robert James - Boulder, CO

"I wanted to write a testimonial for Bahamapix, you guys are very talented team and my husband and I are extremely satisfied with the service and the quality of photos that we received from Bahamapix. Having a wedding in a foreign country is even more stressful that doing It at home but, at least with the photography, It was one less thing to worry about because the guys at Bahamapix had everything under control which allowed us to focus on our big day!"

Jessica McCarthy - Boston, MA

"This is the first family vacation we have taken in almost 5 years and not knowing when the next one would be, I wanted to make sure to have some amazing photos to remember this rare occasion, you guys nailed It! Our family came down to the Bahamas and our group consisted of 14 people from babies to great grandparents and we left with photos that will be talked about until the next family vacation, whenever that may be. The photographers at Bahamapix were friendly and patient and determined to get the perfect shots, which is NOT easy when there are so many people in the photos. We talked with Vincy and decided on a photo package which included photography time, printed photos as well as a link for downloading the photos after we got home. I could not have asked for a better experience, thanks Bahamapix, you are rock stars!"

Peter Billings - Toronto, Canada

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