Giving Back - BAHAMAPIX

Giving Back

In the Bahamas there are so many great causes to support and we at Bahampix are not only proud patriots of our country but we are also strong believers in giving back to our community.

One way that we contribute to our country is by hiring young people who do not have the means or access to higher education or vocational training. We look for and select qualified candidates with a drive to succeed and a passion to grow as individuals, and while they do not have any experience with photography, they display within themselves a fire that we are only too happy to stoke. We offer these persons extensive training courses in the art of photography by our highly experienced photographers, and rather than charging them tuition for this professional level of education, we pay them a competitive salary while they learn their new trade. This opens a door and illuminates a path to success for many individuals who might not have seen such a bright future ahead but we with a little help and encouragement we are confident that they will shoot for the stars….. we believe in our nation’s people.

Additionally, we support many of the amazing organizations that do great things for those in need within our country and are not able to do for themselves, including those listed below. Bahampix donates a portion of our profits to these hard working and well deserving institutions so that they may be helped and encouraged to continue such noble and selfless services to our community.

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