We have been in business and catering to the lovely tourists of our country for over 30 years. Our passion and our drive has remained the same during all of these years and is summed up with the by the following statement that we live each day by…...

“Shoot for the stars and if you land on the moon, you would have still produced results that are out of this world!”

As a people, we Bahamians are very proud of our country and we love to send tourists back home with an understanding of who we are and what makes our country so beautiful. At Bahamapix, we consider it our personal responsibility, as Bahamians, to contribute to this cause and we are willing to go those extra miles to ensure that the experience that each visitor has is nothing short of amazing!

When working with a client, we combine our years of experience with the specific needs and desires of that client in order to produce a body of work that exceeds all expectations. Preparation is a very important element to our success which includes thorough communication with each client prior to the event, ensuring that we have the right photographers in place with the right equipment and at the right time.

Unlike other photography companies, we have onsite locations which operate daily so getting in touch with us is never a problem and arrival to the event is as easy as taking a few steps from our onsite store. We are literally there for you 7 days a week…..before, during and after your event.

Special events such as weddings or family vacations are once in a lifetime and we recognize how special these memories are and our goal is to perfectly capture these memories that will be cherished forever. Our desire is that our work will transport the client back in time to re-live that special moment each and every time he/she looks at a photo from that memorable day.

We look forward to working with you!

- Bahamapix

“In our country of 700 islands in the sun there are, at least, as many amazing memories to be made.....What are you waiting for?”

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